Is Tottenham Becoming the new Shoreditch?

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Shoreditch is part of the historic East End of London situated north of the City of London. The etymology of "Shoreditch" is constantly debated. One popular legend holds that the place was originally named "Shore's Ditch", after a lady called Jane Shore, the mistress of Edward IV, is supposed to have died or been buried in a ditch in the area.

For those perhaps not familiar with Shoreditch, the area is renowned for the Street Art, Shoreditch Street Art Tour Its Incredible Street Food Pump Street Food Market – a Food Village is located on Shoreditch High. Then you have those Quirky Boutique Shops - shopping in Shoreditch is an experience! Le Labo You can Enjoy London’s Craziest Nightlife at many clubs such as Cargo, Others like the Bedroom Bar offer a quirky but lively clubbing experience, 333Mother is a good place to go if you’re looking for a night that lasts until the early morning.

Historically, Shoreditch has always been known for - nightclubs and bars. Shop and Eat at Boxpark the world’s first popup mall – this shopping/eating/drinking experience is located in shipping containers! East London Juice Co. Football at Bar Kick For football fans you head over to Bar Kick. Lastly Study or Work in Silicon Roundabout this is home to numerous tech hubs. Try Google Campus London to feel part of the thriving tech world; Timberyard is another great option. Cafes such as the Counter Albion and the lobby of the Ace Hotel

Many London areas can be accused of alternating between being “sought after” and not “sought after.” Remember Notting Hill Gate back in the 1970’s? Fashions and demands change as do areas. Today as you emerge from Seven Sisters Tube station, you are greeted by the many sights, sounds, and smells which perhaps remind and tell you how fast Tottenham is changing and the resemblance it has with a place like Shoreditch.

Of course each area retains an aspect of life which is peculiar to that place alone such as the famous White Hart Lane and The Emirates stadium or Alexandra Palace (fondly known as Ally Pally) both of which are famous to many, but those many residents both past and present who remember Tottenham some thirty years ago will see a huge change in so many of the facilities offered today.

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