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Downsizing apart from the obvious benefits to the owner has many advantages that affect both themselves and the community. A smaller living space is more practical! (You may well find that you have several rooms in your house rarely use.) Smaller living space eliminates stress and reduces the outgoings as well as freeing up monies which can be used elsewhere. Downsizing often enables people to become mortgage free as well as lowering everyday costs such as energy bills and maintenance costs.

Understandably, the idea of selling your home has a strong emotional factor and is a hard choice for many. It may well be the home your children grew up in, and within the walls echo the sounds of grandchildren. Your home will naturally have many memories of past times, and the thought of leaving those memories, neighbour’s and long established friends, plus an area which has become part of your daily life - has a considerable impact! Above all the most off putting for the elderly is the thought of sorting out what to keep and what to packing.

From a practically point - of course deep down you know it is the right decision. We humans often have a built in reluctance to moving out of our comfort zone and will anticipate many things that often never materialise.

The key factor to getting the most out of selling your property is to achieve the best deal possible!

What you want is a sensible valuation which is achievable in the market of the day. Don’t be tempted by a valuation along with selling fees which is more about the Agent providing you with a something they assumed will be pleasing to you, rather than figures which they know are achievable in current market conditions.

If it is cheaper than the average valuation – be suspicious - unless the Estate Agent's  valuer gives you confidence! Corner cutting invariably leads to cuts in the service you received!

Should you be considering the question of downsizing or selling, why not contact the Sales Director – Richard Bartelous at Paul Simons Residential Sales for a valuation without obligation! If nothing else you will get a realistic idea of what your property is currently worth in the market of the day.

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