Buying - What is Involved?

Published by: Paul Simon Residential

Whether you are a first time buyer or seeking to improve you family lifestyle in a new location, buying a house involves a multitude of decisions to be made and aspects to be consider. There are many aspects not always appreciated which often involve the entire family.

When seeking a new home ideally you are looking for a “space” in which you and your family can be happy and one that offers access to all the faculties you expect and want. First there is the area choice, then selecting the Estate Agents who are able to give you confidence - people you feel who know the area, the properties and who are most likely to represent your interests rather that the interests of others.

Clearly knowing what you can afford in the way of buying a property is important as it dictates what price bracket can be viewed. You may need to establish what mortgage facilities are available to you and importantly the repayment cost likely. Buying a property is not only the agreed buying price, but includes other additions such as Stamp Duty, removal cost and a number of often forgotten expenses such as the installation cost of SKY TV for example and changing door locks – a few pounds admittedly - but they soon add up!

Once you have visited and looked round a few properties you start to get more of an idea of what's on offer within your price bracket, and then hopefully there comes the point when one you view is “the one!” Now comes the stressful time waiting first for your bid to be accepted, and the time to elapse before the Exchange of Contracts. This is the period when a buyer feel "helpless" (unable to be in cont.) and is the time when the Estate Agent selling you the property can be really helpful and be on hand to regularly update you frequently with the latest information.

There may be a number of of changes or alterations contemplated to the new property and these need to be planned, and a reliable builder found how with a good reputation amongst the local population of the area. Here insider knowledge can be so useful, so do discuss in detail such matter with the Agent who will be happy to help you.

As experienced agents, we can help with many of these important decision whether actual or an acceptable compromise.

Remember…..we are here to help and give advice!